Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Brugge and Ghent in 3 days: Itinerary

Belgium is one of the best destinations for a European weekend getaway. There are…

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Venice from above

Italy in 2 weeks by train: Itinerary

Italy is formed by 20 regions with great differences among them: from dialects to the…

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amsterdam sunset

Amsterdam in 3 days: Itinerary

Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in Europe. I visited it for the first time around…

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Romania in 2 weeks: Itinerary

Having lived in Romania doesn’t make it easy for me to create an itinerary to visit…

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Georgia in 10 days: itinerary

Georgia is, probably, the most unknown of the countries I’ve visited so far. In…

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The Balkans in 2 weeks: Itinerary

The best part of living in Romania is without any doubt being in the center of Europe,…

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Russia, Finland & Estonia in 2 weeks: Itinerary

Este itinerario te permite ver la Rusia más comunista de Moscú, la más Europea en San…

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