China in 2 weeks: itinerary and budget

Join me on an incredible two-week journey through China, where we’ll explore the vibrant…

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Uzbekistan in 10 days: Itinerary & budget

Since I visited Iran 5 years ago, I fell in love with the Silk Road. Since then…

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Peru in 2 weeks: itinerary & budget

Peru is a country that needs no introduction. From the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu to…

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Jordan in a week: Itinerary & budget

Since I watched Indiana Jones when I was a child, I alwaays dreamt with the possibility…

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Supertrees. Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Singapore in a weekend: itinerary & budget

Singapore is one of those typical layovers when doing long haul flights direction…

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Petronas Towers at sunset

Malaysia in 2 weeks: itinerary & budget

Malaysia is one of the most unknown countries of Southeast Asia, mostly because of the…

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Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Brugge and Ghent in 3 days: Itinerary

Belgium is one of the best destinations for a European weekend getaway. There are…

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Golden Pavilion palace

Japan in 2 weeks: Itinerary & Budget

If you are planning to travel around Japan independently, you’re in luck: I leave…

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Venice from above

Italy in 2 weeks by train: Itinerary

Italy is formed by 20 regions with great differences among them: from dialects to the…

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Fes, Morocco

Morocco in 2 weeks: Itinerary

If you love nature and enjoy doing trekking and discovering fascinating landscapes, this…

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