Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in Europe. I visited it for the first time around 10 years ago and in a few days I’ll be back to spend a long weekend. Amsterdam has so many things to offer that there is always something new to discover or to see. Just strolling along its streets is a pleasure. As I’m very excited about coming back, I thought I’d share a recommended itinerary for your visit to Amsterdam if you only have three days..

Itinerary to discover Amsterdam in 3 days

Day 1

Free walking tour: the very famous walking tours are the perfect way to know the city and get a first orientation walk, specially if you do it on your first day in a city. They normally last 2 to 3 hours and there are some even thematic. Remember to give a tip to the tour guide at the end! ?

Tour on a bout in the canal: If there’s something characteristic of Amsterdam are its canals and the Amstel river. The canals are beautiful and, even though you can walk and see them from the bridges, there is nothing like seeing the city from a boat. Forget about the organized boat tours that you’ll see in the city centre, they’re too expensive. It’s better if you rent a little boat for 20 euros/hour. Or you can take the Canal Hopper Small Boat, with smaller boats and tours. The tour lasts approximately one hour.

Amstelkring Museum: also known as <<Museum Our Lord in the Attic>>, it’s one of the most interesting churches in the city, hidden inside a house from the XVII century in the canal .

Red District and Dam Square: this is the epicentre of the city and meeting point. It’s very interesting to see the contrast between day and night.

amsterdam canal

There are three great ways to enjoy Amsterdam: walking along the canals and streets at your own rhythm, renting a bicycle (most hotels and hostels offer this at very cheap rates), or by boat.

Day 2

Jordaan neighbourhood: a great unknown until very recently because it’s mainly a residential ares, this neighbourhood is close to the city centre and there are not many tourists. It’s full of restaurants, cafes and original shops. You can find it searching for the streets Haarlemmerstraat or Haarlemmerdijk. In the neighbourhood you can also visit Noordermarkt, with lots of local independent shops.

House of Anna Frank: I have never been inside and I doubt I’ll do it this time neither. Right now it’s simply a house full of tourists where you have to queue a lot. But if you are interested on seeing it it’s very easy to reach as it’s very central. Buy tickets online to avoid long waits in the ticket office.

The 9 Streets: Charming area with canals where you’ll find design and vintage shops, as well as local coffee places. You can find it searching for the streets Wolvenstraat or Huidenstraat.

Flower Market: in one of the main canals you can find this typical market, where tulips and tulip seeds are the most sold items.

De Gooyer: a bit farther from the city centre, this is the tallest windmill of the country.

The narrow townhouses that line Amsterdam’s 17th century canal rings are possibly the most iconic feature of the city’s inner urban centre. These picturesque abodes are unbelievably photogenic and regularly appear on souvenirs produced inside the city.
amsterdam houses

Day 3

Rijksmuseum: here you’ll find a great Rembrant collection, as well as from many other Flemish painters. In the back part of the museum there is the famous I AMsterdam sculpture, place for a mandatory selfie ?

Van Gogh Museum: the most popular attraction of Amsterrdam. Book tickets in advance or go in the afternoon to avoid the crowds.

Rembrandt’s House: if you didn’t have enough of Rembrant after visiting the Rijksmuseum, you can visit the house where the painter used to live, now transformed into a museum.

Voldenpark: rent a bike and enjoy this part, or simply sit down on the grass and enjoy a picnic.

Update: In the spring of 2019 the two metre-high red and white letters that spell out “i Amsterdam” were placed in storage at the behest of the council who said the iconic sign isn’t in keeping with their vision of the Dutch capital.

There are many other things to see and do in Amsterdam, so if you want more ideas check out the Heineken Experience, the Tulip Museum, the Amsterdam History Museum, the FOAM (museum of photography), or have a walk in Oosterpark.

Any more ideas of comments? Drop me a line below in the comments! ?