If you’re thinking about traveling in Iran independently, this is an amazing itinerary that will bring you through the most interesting landmarks and areas of the country. Iran is a huge country (it’s the 17th biggest country in the world), so these two weeks would give you enough time to see most of the country but at a good rythm.

Traditional clothing in Abyaneh Village, Iran

Women typically wear a white long scarf that covers the shoulders and upper trunk which has a flowered pattern named Charghad and an under-knee skirt and men a very loose pair of pants with a coat.

Beautiful couple in Abyaneh village

Itinerary to discover Persia in 2 weeks

If you have less days or you’d rather take it easier, I’d recommend you to skip Kerman and Tehran from the route.

Day 1 – Flight & Arrival to Iran

Flight to Tehran. Alitalia and Pegasus have very frequent flights and they’re pretty cheap if you book in advance. Make sure to have your e-visa pre-arranged to avoid hours in Inmigration at the airport (I speak from experience!).

Day 2 – Qom & Kashan

Arrange private transport from IKA airport to Kashan, stopping in Qom on the way to visit the fantastic Fatima Masumeh Shrine (Mausoleum of Fatima). Enjoy the afternoon to have a first contact with life in Kashan. Night in Kashan.

Day 3 – Kashan & surroundings

Spend the morning visiting the famous Historical Houses of Kashan (particularly nice are Tabatabei House, Abbasian House and Borujerdi House), having a walk in the Bazaar, entering in Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse and paying a visit to the super interesting Agha Bozorg Mosque. Have lunch and arrange private transportation in the afternoon to visit the Underground City of Noush Abad, the Salt Lake and discover the dunes in the Maranjab desert. You can also sleep like they used to do centuries ago in a caravanserai in the desert, it’s a great experience.

Day 4 – Kashan, Abyaneh, Natanz & Isfahan

Wake up early in the morning to enjoy sunrise in the desert and travel your way back to Kashan to visit the Fin Garden and the Holy Shrine of Hilal ibn Ali. From there you can enjoy a road trip to Isfahan, stopping on the way in the wonderful villages of Abyaneh and Natanz, where tradition is still rooted. You will get to Isfahan at night so try to have accommodation arranged.

Day 5 – Isfahan

You are in Iran to see this: the Naqsh-e Jahan square. Wonderful at sunset when all families gather in the square to do picnic. Very recommended is the route to explore the bazaar that appears in the Lonely Planet guide. Night in Isfahan.

Day 6 – Zagros Mountains

Enjoy a day trip to the Zagros mountains to visit the nomad settlements and to do some trekking in the area. Remember to bring plenty of water! Night in Isfahan.

Day 7 – Meybod, Chak Chak, Kharanaq, Yazd

Today is a long day but really worth it. Arrange private transportation from Isfahan to Yazd so you can stop on the way to visit Meybod (Pidgeon Tower, Caravanserai, the citadel of Narein Castle, etc.), Chak Chak (with the famous Zoroastrian Fire Temple) and the ghost village of Kharanaq. Night in Yazd.

Day 8 – Yazd

This will be probably a highlight of your trip to Iran. Walk along the old town alleys, discover the mystery behind the Towers of Silence, shop in the bazaar, enter to Jameh Mosque and in the afternoon don’t miss a zoorkhané spectacle. Noche en Yazd.

Day 9 – Kerman

Take a public bus from Yazd to Kerman (5 hours). In Kerman visit the super famous bazaar, the mosque and the tea house. Night in Kerman.

Day 10 – Surroundings of Kerman

Book a day trip to visit Mahan Shazde Garden, Rayen Castle, the Kaluts desert, the salt river and a desert caravanserai. You can spend the night sleeping in the desert.

Day 11 – Shiraz

Take a public bus from Kerman to Shiraz (9 hours). Visit the great mausoleum. In my case I was lucky to visit during the Muharram celebrations so it was very lively during the night, when it’s not so hot, with all the processions. Night in Shiraz.

Day 12 – Persepolis & Shiraz

Depart early to get early to Persepolis, but don’t miss before getting there a stop pin the Necropolis. It can be really hot so try to make use of the early morning hours. In the afternoon in Shiraz visit the Vakil bazaar, the pink mosque and the oranges park. Night in Shiraz.

Day 13 – Tehran

Take an internal flight from Shiraz to Tehran (1h. 15mins.). In Tehran don’t miss the Azadi Tower and sunset at Tabiat Bridge. Night in Tehran.

Day 14 – Tehran

Climb up Tochal mount in the morning. Visit the old US Embassy in Tehran, Golestan Palace and the huge bazaar. Last night in Tehran.

Day 15 – Return flight


Due to the political situation of the country, Iran has a lot of fluctuation in its currency. There is also a black market of currency exchange that allows you to get even three times the value of the official exchange rate for your euros or dollars. The official exchange rate was 48,000 rials per euro, but you could get even 150,000 rials per euro in this market.

The following expenses are from September 2018:

Return flights

There are very good deals with Alitalia and Pegasus.



You're very likely to need a visa to enter the country, remember to arrange for your e-visa prior to arrival.


Travel Insurance

Remember to always have your insurance when you travel. I normally get an annual MultiTrip so it covers me all year round.



Eating in Iran is extremely cheap. You will pay an average of 1.50€ or 2€ per meal.


Local Transport

This included public buses, underground, private transportation when required, excursions and day trips.



2 or 3 star hotels in double/triple rooms and/or shared dorms. Most of the accommodations will include breakfast.


Entry fees

Entry to some museums, attractions and performances.


Other personal expenses

Souvenirs, shopping, etc.