After a successful launch of a self-served supplier platform for the Experiences business unit of Tripadvisor, product quality control became one of the main focuses in order to give travelers the best experience choosing which products to buy. We had a broad catalogue of products, but we needed the suppliers to leverage their performance in order to create a better traveler experience after purchase.

The problem: Make suppliers aware of their performance status

The catalogue of products offered on Tripadvisor Experiences was very vast, but some of the suppliers were not performing well (i.e. cancelling too many tours, not delivering, etc.), which was being reflected on the travellers' satisfaction rates.

Suppliers were not quantitatively aware of how they were performing though as we didn't offer them any information on their self-served platform, so we needed to work in order to make them knowledgeable of their performance, possible consequences to their products and which were the new features we were introducing to manage and improve how they were doing; all of that with the goal of leveraging the quality of the Tripadvisor Experiences' catalogue.

The users

The target user was very clearly defined: suppliers who have products published on Tripadvisor Experiences and who are cancelling too many products and/or receiving bad reviews post-experience.

The Process

UX Design 100%
Information Architecture 92%
UI Design 85%

Starting with an understanding of the suspension and rejection of products flows, I created some user journeys and site navigation maps introducing a new feature in the platform called “Performance”.

I moved onto creating high-fidelity wireframes (as most of the components were part of the library) and tested the flows with stakeholders and suppliers.

After refining a few conceptual ideas I generated the final flows and assets and worked with engineering to bring the feature live.


The end result was the creation of a new tab in the supplier platform called "Performance", from where suppliers could see:
1. A summary of their overall performance
2. Their cancellation rate and actions needed in order to improve it
3. Their reviews rate and actions needed in order to improve it

I also designed a colour-coded system to determine the status of each product (in danger, suspended or in probation) and some coaching UI around the steps suppliers needed to take in case some of their products was suspended or put in probation, as well as improving their overall performance.

Key Features

Information Architecture

Wireframing & Prototyping

Tripadvisor Experiences Supplier Platform Performance

The aim of this project was to provide a better traveler post-purchase experience making suppliers knowledgeable and responsible for the performance of their products published on TripAdvisor Experiences. The target users were suppliers who cancel too many products, affecting traveler’s experience.

This project was undertaken under my professional employment at Tripadvisor.

Client NameTripadvisorYear2019

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