Overview: Applying F1 technology to help other industries

Williams Advanced Engineering Limited operates a technology and engineering services business and is part of the Williams Group since 2010.
Combining cutting edge technology and the industry’s best engineers with precision and speed to market derived from four decades of success in the ultra-competitive environment of Formula One, Williams Advanced Engineering provides world class technical innovation, engineering, testing, manufacturing and operational consultancy services to the automotive, motorsport, aerospace, defence, health and energy sectors.

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The opportunity: Showcase work to drive new revenue

Some amazing projects were done by the Williams Advanced Engineering team, but we promptly realized there was not a place in the Williams site to showcase business cases, news, partnerships, etc.
We wanted to show the world how the Formula One engineering knowledge was being applied to other sectors as diverse as retail and defence, and having a dedicated site for this pillar of Williams became a must.

The users

The core competencies of Williams Advanced Engineering apply across industry, not only to motorsport or even automotive. Already this expertise is being applied to sectors as diverse as retail and defence. Hence why the site was designed to be a showcase and pitch to potential partners and clients.

The Process

Information Architecture 100%
Responsive Design 85%
Branding 95%
Photography Curation 90%

Starting with site navigation and information architecture, I moved onto creating some wireframes as a first proof of concept to be assessed by all stakeholders.

At the same time I conceptualized the brand style and defined the brand elements (such as color palette, text styles, animation styles, etc.), as well as worked with some photographers and art directed myself some of the photoshoots for the web imagery.

Once the user flows were making sense, I designed some high definition prototypes and started to work with development in order to make the transition from design to engineering smooth (specially in terms of interactions and responsiveness).

The high fidelity prototypes were put to test by some internal users and stakeholders and after some tweaks I created all assets and components.


The end result is a responsive site, with interesting navigation components and animations, where photography is key to showcase the business cases. Big curated imagery, bold colors and typography and well-thought information architecture made the site a success and a great way to show the portfolio of projects Williams Advanced Engineering delivers.

Key Features

Photo curation

Wireframing & Prototyping

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