Atelier Mundubira brand identity

Atelier Mundubira is an independent handmade pottery studio which needed a brand identity that would reflect its name and the nature of the business.
‘Mundubira’ means ‘around the world’ in Euskera, the language of the first explorer who managed to circumnavigate the globe 500 years ago: Juan Sebastián Elcano.

The logo
Merging the concepts of handmade pottery and exploration and travel, I created a logo that is a globe, where the Earth is substituted by a terracota pot.
The visual identity for Mundubira not only needed to work for social media and web, but most importantly it needed to work on the potter’s stamp, which is used in each of the pieces produced.

The colour palette
The palette is defined by natural colours representing actual materials used in the pottery world (silica, porcelain, iron, gold…), and a couple of accents colours brought from the world of travel (ocean, sand). The colour selection represents the natural process used to create handmade pottery pieces and gives the brand a sleek and minimalistic feeling, which is coherent with the style of the pieces produced.

The patters
As Instagram was a great deal for the business, I designed some patters based on minimal pot shapes (vases, bowls, flower pots…) that were used as Stories’ covers. With the recent addition of terrazzo and jesmonite work a specific pattern was also developed for it.

Client NameAtelier

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